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Water Closets

Brand: OEM Model: SWBS-A6491,WC2110-TBC
RM439.00 RM1,138.00
Ex Tax:RM439.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2076, A6603, ABS361-TCB
RM799.00 RM2,181.00
Ex Tax:RM799.00
Brand: OEM Model: A828-S-HT
Model : A828-S (S-Trap)Size : 750mm x 390mm x 775mmS Trap : 250mmP trap : 180mm..
RM1,007.00 RM1,450.00
Ex Tax:RM1,007.00
Brand: Saniware Model: WC-2062-TCB
Size: (L) 700mm x (W) 400mm x (H) 770mm S-trap Roughing-in : 250mm/ 300mm..
RM560.00 RM1,275.00
Ex Tax:RM560.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2076-TCB
Ex Tax:RM888.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2090-TCB
RM700.00 RM1,266.00
Ex Tax:RM700.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2093A-TCB
Ex Tax:RM1,135.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2098-TCB
RM550.00 RM895.00
Ex Tax:RM550.00
Brand: Saniware Model: WC-2100-TCB
Size : (L) 670mm x (W) 400mm x (H) 730mm S-trap Roughing-in : 200mm/ 250mm Horizontal: 100 -300mm..
Ex Tax:RM1,335.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2102-TCB
Size : 730mm x 370mm x 720mm S trap Roughing-in : 100mm..
RM463.00 RM800.00
Ex Tax:RM463.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2103A-TCB
Size : (L) 700mm x (W) 380mm x (H) 790mm S-trap roughing-in : 250mm P-trap roughing-in : 180cm..
RM440.00 RM780.00
Ex Tax:RM440.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2110A-TCB
Size: (L) 64cm x (W) 37cm x (H) 78cm S-trap Roughing-in : 200mm/ 250mm..
RM358.70 RM620.00
Ex Tax:RM358.70
Brand: OEM Model: WC2122-TCB
Size : (L) 720mm x (W) 390mm x (H) 765mm S-trap Roughing-in : 250mm/ 300mm30cm P-trap Roughing-in : 180cm..
Ex Tax:RM655.00
Brand: OEM Model: WC2400-TCB
Features : Rimless, Free Bent Outlet Size : (L) 670mm x (W) 400mm x (H) 730mm Horizonta l: 100mm/ 300mm..
RM772.40 RM1,335.00
Ex Tax:RM772.40
Brand: Akron Model: WCC210/S-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WCC-210/S Close Couple WC Size: 640 x 370 x 775mmFlushing Type: Washdown Flushing Volume: 6/3L S Rough-in (fixed): 200 Seat Cover: Medium duty Flushing Fitting: Local Floor Fixing Kits: Optional"..
RM435.00 RM620.00
Ex Tax:RM435.00
Brand: Akron Model: WCC29002-M-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WCC-29002-M 'Close Couple WC Size: 620 x 350 x 760mmFlushing Type: Washdown Flushing Volume: 6/3L S Rough-in (fixed): 250 Seat Cover: PP, SS Hinge Flushing Fitting: HTD Floor Fixing Kits: Optional"..
RM470.00 RM666.00
Ex Tax:RM470.00
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