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Reduce | Reuse | Repurpose

Supporting Sustainable Systems for Earth’s Future Generations  

The way many people build their homes is by going through endless quotations, stores and sifting through prices. This process can bring unnecessary stress to a new homeowner. 

But building a home should be exciting. The journey of turning a house into a home should be an experience worth keeping.  

We built HOMA2u  to bring back excitement and joy to homeowners like yourself. Whether you are reconstructing your house or just looking for a new water filter, we are here to help.

HOMA2u is an online to offline (O2O) building materials and interior finishes marketplace where you can find a wide range of high-quality, branded and bargains materials for your house project.

Embracing Sustainability, As it Matters.

Each product we bring you at HOMA2u embodies our mission to waste-reduce.

To give planet Earth the vital care it needs, we work by developing sustainable material sourcing solutions that greatly contribute not only to mother nature but to human development as well.

By championing the notion of reducing, reusing and repurposing – our strategy includes acquiring building materials and interior finishes products from unused construction materials,

discarded materials, and overstock markets. This enables us to: 

1. Reduce the environmental footprint produced by the release of construction waste.

2. Bring fair, competitive pricing that makes sense for you. 

3. Provide you with a wide range of building material and brand choices.

Having launched our marketplace in 2017, today we are known as Malaysia’s first full-fledged overstock marketplace for building materials and interior design finishes.

Start Your Project, Here

When you are ready to start your project, HOMA2u is the place to find competitive prices for the building materials you need – from tiles, ventilation blocks, water filtration, water tanks, furniture, and more.

At any time you need help, our team is ready to offer help and guidance. And as we refine the experience for you, get inspired and discover new products through our ideas & inspiration section. 

Speak to you soon...