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Brand: Akron Model: BT32-3VP 1¼"-AG
AGHYT-Akron BT32-3VP 1¼" Plastic Basin Bottle Trap With 195mm Long Vertical Pipe & 280mm Long Horizontal Pipe...
RM11.15 RM14.50
Ex Tax:RM11.15
Brand: Akron Model: 8801-2-AG
RM186.15 RM242.00
Ex Tax:RM186.15
Brand: Akron Model: WLAC-91408-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WLAC-91408 Above Counter Basin (Thin Rim) Size: 420 x 420 x 150mm Overflow Hole: No"..
RM154.00 RM250.00
Ex Tax:RM154.00
Brand: Akron Model: WLSP-36003-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WLSP-36003 Free Standing Basin Size: 530 x 505 x 810mm Overflow Hole: Yes Installation Kits: 2 pairs bracket"..
RM902.15 RM1,466.00
Ex Tax:RM902.15
Brand: Akron Model: A47-B 1¼"-AG
AGHYT-Akron A47-B 1¼" CP Brass Push Button Basin Pop-Up Waste With Brass Spring Loaded Mechanism, 56mm Long Slotted Tail & CP Counter Nut...
RM48.00 RM63.00
Ex Tax:RM48.00
Brand: Akron Model: WLWHAC-50028/465-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WLWHAC-50028/465 Wall Hung / Above Counter Basin Size: 465 x 465 x 150mm Overflow Hole: Yes Installation Kits: Wall Screw & Plug..
RM172.30 RM280.00
Ex Tax:RM172.30
Brand: Akron Model: WCC210/S-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WCC-210/S Close Couple WC Size: 640 x 370 x 775mmFlushing Type: Washdown Flushing Volume: 6/3L S Rough-in (fixed): 200 Seat Cover: Medium duty Flushing Fitting: Local Floor Fixing Kits: Optional"..
RM435.00 RM620.00
Ex Tax:RM435.00
Brand: Akron Model: WCC29002-M-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WCC-29002-M 'Close Couple WC Size: 620 x 350 x 760mmFlushing Type: Washdown Flushing Volume: 6/3L S Rough-in (fixed): 250 Seat Cover: PP, SS Hinge Flushing Fitting: HTD Floor Fixing Kits: Optional"..
RM470.00 RM666.00
Ex Tax:RM470.00
Brand: Akron Model: WCO765/S-AG
"AGHYT-Akron One Piece WC Flushing System : Washdown S Rough-in : 100 - 300 mm P Rough-in : 180 mm Seat Cover : PP Seat Cover Size: L665mm x W375mm x H785mm"..
RM614.80 RM999.00
Ex Tax:RM614.80
Brand: Akron Model: WCO88202-M-AG
"AGHYT-Akron WCO-88202-M One-piece WC Size: 690 x 355 x 700mmFlushing Type: Washdown Flushing Volume: 6/3L S Rough-in (fixed): 150 / 250 P Rough-in: 180 Seat Cover: PP SC, SS Hinge Flushing Fitting: R&T Floor Fixing Kits: Optional"..
Ex Tax:RM960.00
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